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College of Wisdom is the program launched by FWF for High Potential Institutes to Achieve Systematic Transformation and Significantly Improve Academic Outcomes.

Program’s Mission

Cultivation of wisdom through our skilled program nurtures the character and inner spirit of college students, it empowers them to self-realization and social consciousness, which ultimately develops critical minds, conscious hearts, healthy bodies, and compassionate human beings.

How College of Wisdom Works

Through this program, we increase the awareness in students regarding their unique attributes like critical thinking, the ability to make rational decisions, reflectivity, and self-inquiry, which is an integral part of self-realization to attain educational success and employability skills.

Benefits to Your College

By implementing the Falcons wisdom learning framework effectively, your college will have changed attitudes and practices amongst staff, students, parents, and see that translated into better results and outcomes for their students.

  • It will significantly uplift the learner’s potential.
  • It improves the quality and consistency of teaching and learning.
  • It enhances teacher satisfaction and retention.
  • It confirms that your college is fully aligned to the best educational standards.
  • It will provide a competitive advantage your college resulting in a better public image and increased admissions.

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